Our method


The firm is able to follow its own client also in purchasing materials, thanks to a wide range of suppliers able to satisfy any necessities, both for commercial and special (designed by client) materials.
Besides Tecnomontaggi is part of a group holding of independent enterprises that operate in the sector. Together they complete Tecnomontaggi productive cycle, providing the necessary materials (workmanship, carpentry, machinery) for final assemblage.
Key point of the group is the huge experience gained. Thanks to previous works, Tecnomontaggi achieved the necessary trust and understanding in order to reach an high-level of efficiency and productive quality.


The factory includes a painting department of 400 mqs totally devoted to the assemblage process. Such advantage makes very quick both production and revision of the machineries. Moreover it could quickly offer a lot of painting, cleaning and pickling opportunities.


On board electrical system
Pneumatic system
Oleo-dynamic system with rigid and flexible pipes.


The assemblage is the core business and it’s organized by now in a punctual and linear way.
High productivity is due to efficiency reached in the preceding phases: acquisition, manufacture and painting. Qualified and specialized teams are entirely devoted to the real assemblage of the product.


Testing is the final and crucial phase of the assemblage, with the aim of checking the product and all its possible activities. This phase is always carried out with the supervision of our technicians or with the client itself.

Packaging and shipping

Besides packing and security the machinery, Tecnomontaggi can also manage road, rail and sea shipping, both towards Italy and foreign countries.

Areas of intervention

We assemble machineries
for all the industries




Shoe Industry



Industrial machines